Available parts for the Lotus Omega / Carlton:

Brand new brake discs with EBC Green, Yellow or Red – “Stuff” brake pads.
Complete set, front and rear, which includes 4 brake discs, 2 brake pad set’s, 2 center rings for the rear mounting.

Click here for the brakes

Brand new clutch plate’s available ready for mounting on the Lotus Omega!

Click here for the clutch


2 thoughts on “Parts

  1. Hey

    Could be that I have been contacting you before.. Im interested of Lotus Omega front brake discs. Do you have them in stock and whats the price with shipping to estonia, tallinn 10155


  2. Hello Markus 🙂 Yes I remember this.
    Do you only need the Front disc’s?
    Normally I supply this as a whole set, Front, Rear, and the Brake Pad’s.
    Front disc’s are on stock 🙂
    I have to check for the shipping cost’s.
    Please let me know if a full set will do?

    Best, Rene

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