Maintenance data



Engine and Transmission Filling Quantities

Engine oil with filter incl.oil coolers 8.25-5.5 ltr.
Engine oil with filter 5.5 ltr.
Between MIN and MAX 1.5 ltr.
Engine coolant 10.25 ltr.
Charge cooler coolant 3 ltr.
Transmission Fluid 2.1 ltr.
Differential Fluid 1.65 ltr.
Brake Fluid 0.6 ltr.
Fuel tank 75 ltr.

Air Conditioning Filling Quantities

Refrigerant 1100 grammes Freon R12

Coolant Oil

Evaporator 60cm/3
Condenser 55cm/3
Accumulator 60cm/3
Compressor 90cm/3



Front and Rear Wheel Alignment


Toe-in 0-1mm Total
Camber (-0.9′) – (-1.1′)
At Camber 14.5′ – 15.0′


Toe-in 1.0mm – 1.5mm /per side
Camber -2′ + – 40′
Tyre inflation pressure
Front up to 200km/h (125mph) 2.2 bar
Front above 200km/h (125mph) 3.0 bar
Rear up to 200km/h (125mph) 2.4 bar
Rear above 200km/h (125mph) 3.0 bar

Rims and Tyres

Rims Front 8.5 # 17  ET28
Rims Rear 9.5 # 17  ET7
Rims Spare 4 # 8
Tyres Front 235/45 ZR 17
Tyres rear 265/40 ZR 17
Manufacturer Goodyear Eagle


Engine Oil Elf Competition 20W50     (P/n 90393471)
Transmission gearbox oil Castrol RS 10W60             (P/n 90393527)
Rear Differential Oil Castrol SAF-XJ 75W140    (P/n 90393473)
Oil Filter FRAM PH3519                   (P/n 25011122)
Air Filter FRAM CA5107                  (P/n 25062406)
Fuel Filter                                           (P/n 90393166)
Spark Plugs NGK BK6E  / (BKR6EIX)         (P/n 90393137)
Charge Cooler Water Impeller                                           (P/n 90393267)
Ribbed V-belt designation 6K2230

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