Clutch & Transmission


1. Clutch disc 11.Pressure line,for LH drive
2. Pressure plate 12.Master cylinder,for LH drive
3. Release bearing 13.Pressure line
4. Retaining ring 14.Slave cylinder
5. Ball-headed pin 15.Vent valve
6. Retaining pin 16.Pressure line,for LH drive
7. Release lever 17.Master cylinder,RH drive
8. Allen bolt 18.Feed line to master cylinder
9. Thrust piece 19.Pedal return spring
10.Clutch housing

1. Retaining ring 4. Spring washer
2. Friction washer 5. Contact washer
3. Pressure plate 6. Release bearing
1. Release bearing guide 8. Shift rod bushing
2. Ventilator 9. Drive flange
3. Reversing lamp switch 10.Folding cover
4. Reverse gear pawl of gearshift level 11.Speedometer gear (driven)
5. Gearshift lever knob 12.Odometer frequency sensor
6.Insert of gearshift lever knob 13.Bracket for odometer frequency sen.
7. Gearshift lever with shift actuation

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